Third-party websites usually offer full refunds if requested. However, in most cases you must contact the company via email or phone and include your full name and last 4 digits of your credit card. If a product was purchased in US dollars, the refund may be in US dollars. Your bank or credit card institution may provide you with a different exchange rate at the time of refund. Only the bank have control of what exchange rate the refund will be issued at. Any refund request is issued the same day as it is received, and it normally takes the bank or credit card company 2-3 business days to fund your account in full.

We have a Billing Department, which can be contacted at:

Cancellation Policy

  • By you, the customer:

    A cancellation request must be submitted in writing or via phone within 72 hours of purchase. A 100% refund will be issued on these terms. Please refer to our Refund Policy for cancellation requests after 3 days.

  • By us, the company:

    We reserve the right to cancel any purchase that does not pass our fraud detection system. If an order is cancelled, no charge will take place and the customer will no longer have access to the download our product.

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