We look forward to help you, whether you are an existing customer or just a visitor to our website. Below are some of the common questions and answers regarding US travel you may find useful.

I have never been to the US before. Can you recommend any place or attraction to visit?
Absolutely! Depending on your interests and purpose of visiting, we can definitely point you in the right direction. Please our Customer Service Department with a brief overview of what you would like to experience, and we will give you our recommendations.
How do I know what USA Visa I need?
There are over 20 different visa categories depending on your purpose for visiting the United States. If you are planning on visiting for e.g. tourism purposes, then you either need a USA visa (B-1/B-2) or you may qualify to enter under the visa waiver program. However, if your intention is to work in the United States, the US government has created different work visas depending on the type of job you plan on obtaining. Please visit the US Department of State website for more information, or contact us for our recommendation depending on your situation.
Can you help me schedule an interview at the US embassy?
Unfortunately, we are not able to help you obtain an interview date. Depending on your country, the local US embassy may only accept appointments done online, via phone, or with a PIN code and phone call. Remember to complete Form DS-160 before you schedule your interview.
I am considering to rent a car and visit a few different states. Can I use my national driving license in the US?
There are a few different issues to be aware of regarding renting a car in the United States. In general, you should be at least 25 years on age, bring your local driver’s license and a valid credit card. You may pay an extra fee if you are less than 25 years of age. The rental company will most likely put a substantial hold (authorization) on your credit card, so we recommend you to bring at least two credit cards when renting a car in the United States.
Will my foreign cell phone work in the United States?
This depends on your phone and your local plan. We recommend you to check with your national cell phone provider before you leave. What you should keep mind though is: roaming charges, potential US partners, and the 1.9 GH US network.
Is it safe to use my credit card in the United States?
Yes. It is very common to use credit card for all types for purchases in the US including dinners, hotels, car rentals, tickets, convenience stores, and other typical daily purchases you may have. As with the use of a credit card in any country, you should keep your receipts and check the balance daily for any suspicious transactions. You are recommended to bring an extra credit card in case of emergency and know the contact information of your credit card provider.
Can I enter the United States several times per year on a B-2 Visa?
Yes. Once you have been issued a USA visitor visa, you can use it to enter multiple times per year.
I live abroad but have a US passport and a second passport. Do I need to apply for a USA visa?
No. As a US citizen you must arrive and depart on a US passport.
I am only transiting through the United States, but will have to spend one night at the airport. To save money I would prefer to just sleep in a chair overnight. Is this possible?
Be aware of that some airports do close for the night, and you will have to physically remove yourself from the airport. Across the United States you can find very affordable accommodation which may even include free airport pickup and drop off. Many airports do also have their ow hotels.

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