Check ESTA: Checking Your ESTA Status

An ESTA lasts for two years and can be used for multiple visits within that time, although frequent trips may alert the US immigration to suspect that you are not a bona-fide tourist. Before your travel, it is advisable to always check the status of your existing ESTA to make sure that new rules and tightening of US immigration has not affected the status of your travel authorization. Simply go to the official US government website and click on the tab “Check ESTA Status” for confirmation. This should be done at least 72 hours before your trip as you may have to apply for a new ESTA. You will not be allowed to check in and travel without a valid ESTA.

To check the status of your current travel authorization, you will need to enter the following information:

  • Family name, as per your passport
  • First name, as per your passport
  • Passport number
  • Date of birth
  • Country of citizenship
  • Country that issued your passport
  • Email address

Once you have submitted the information, your ESTA status will be checked and the result will be sent to you by email as a PDF. This will state the expiration date of your ESTA. If it expires before your trip, you must reapply.

ESTA Update: Changes to an Existing ESTA

If you have already submitted an ESTA application and need to update your information, you will only be allowed to change the following parts:

  • Your address while staying the US (usually a hotel or accommodation address)
  • Your contact email address

This can be done online, but make sure you complete all the relevant fields to locate your existing authorization and update the details. Any other changes to personal details, passport or status will require a new application for an ESTA visa waiver or another type of visa.

When to re-apply for ESTA

You will need to re-apply for a new ESTA if anything other than your destination address or email address have changed. This might include:

  • Acquiring a new passport
  • Change of name due to marriage or other reasons
  • Change of gender
  • Change to your country of citizenship
  • Change to your country of residence
  • Change of reply to any of the mandatory questions since your last application

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