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On our website we offer advice on planning and visiting the United States. We offer pre-departure, arrival, and departure information including how to apply for a USA visa. If you plan on visiting the United States in the near future, we recommend you browse our website and consider purchasing our USA Visitor Visa Application Guide. To travel to the USA, you will need a valid passport and an approved visa (B-1/B-2), which is an application process that can take several months. You are advised to apply for your USA visitor visa before you arrange your itinerary in case of a visa denial. Please visit our FAQ page for more information.


Obtaining a USA visitor visa or traveling through the Visa Waiver Program is just the first step of preparing for a US visit. While the application process can take months to complete, the validity of the visitor visa is 5 years once issued. With a valid visa you can enter the United States on multiple occasions during a year without any further application procedures. Even if your old passport includes a valid visa, you can visit to the United States by bringing it along with your new passport.


Please keep the following in mind when travelling to the United States:

  • Your visa must be approved to avoid denial of boarding or entry
  • Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months from day you plan to visit
  • Understanding the visa visitor requirements will prevent you from incurring any problems at the US border
  • Knowing how to get around will make your stay more enjoyable
  • Remember to turn in your departure record upon leaving the US


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ESTA Information

Have you heard about the ESTA visa that can be submitted online? It is a travel authorization for the United States, and the ESTA visa can be used for travel related to tourism, business, medical reasons or short-term study programs (non-credit)."

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